MacSlēgs purpose is to get information about a stolen Mac. Passing it to cops or other persuasive individuals could help in theft-recovery.

How it works?

MacSlēgs is Mac OS X system LaunchDaemon, that in a predefinied delay checks Mac status in the server. If the Mac is stolen You have to return to MacSlēgs server and in Controlpanel activate status- stolen. When the thief connects to internet, MacSlēgs client on Your Mac gets the alert and starts to send information to Your Controlpanel ID at MacSlēgs server. The info includes:

Do I need it?

Nope if the Mac is a static workstation. Nope if the Mac is a portable... that's been moved around once a month. Yes, it could be useful if the Mac travels around day and night, everywhere and always.

How to install?

The first step is registration at MacSlēgs server. Remember Your data, You'll need them to change status! Choose ID and password that differs from Your Mac administrator data. Further it is necessary to download the client side software. Install (Uzstādīt.mpkg, read the manual) and finish the registration process (Reģistrā
Two versions are available. MacSlēgs is with full functionality, MacSlēgs bez iSight is for Macs without built-in iSight.

Is thief capable of deleting MacSlēgs?

To access, stop, remove MacSlēgs thief must know the administrator password. But to avoid that he erases HDD and reinstalls OS, a firmware password is needed. It is unlikely that the he would pass both barriers.
Mac should be with autologin function. MacSlēgs starts before the login and if Mac is in trusted network zone, then everything works. But the most likely situation is that the thief will try the catch in a dark corner and using connection the Mac won't recognize. Therefore we need to give him opportunity to access network settings. Autologin will make this scenario possible.
More at FAQ section.


At the moment MacSlēgs documentation and support is available only in Latvian. I don't have time and resources to make it international.
I'm working on a new version. Finishing it may mean uploading the source code so everyone can build his server for personal use, family, company... whatever.

SourceSource code (Objective-C, Perl, Perl-CGI, Apple Script, PHP, MySQL)

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